The Top 5 Natural Beauty Tips for Your Face

The Top 5 Natural Beauty Tips for Your Face

The Top 5 Natural Beauty Tips for Your Face

Sometimes the very best beauty tips for one’s face can be found right in their own home. Before you run out to the spa, the salon, or a department store to grab the most expensive (and not always the most effective) beauty treatments for your face, try these beauty tips instead:

The All Natural Facial Scrub

Almost everyone has sea salts or Epsom salts laying around their home some where. To use this beauty treatment, simply fill a sink or bowl with warm water and add one or two tablespoons of salt. Then, take a wet wash cloth, or use your fingers to gently rub the salted water onto your face in a circular motion. Pay particular attention to your “T-Zone” (the forehead, nose, and chin). Rinse the mix off of your face with cold water so that your pores close.
Use this treatment once a week to remove dead skin and to tighten your skin.

NOTE: Avoid using this mixture on the delicate skin surrounding your eyes.

To Eliminate Dark Under Eye Circles

Potatoes and potato peels have been used for centuries to help get rid of those unflattering dark under eye circles. Some will simply rub a potato on their face, or you can wrap up some grated potato in cheese cloth and apply it to your eyelids for up to 20 minutes. Wipe off any residue and follow up with your favorite eye cream.

Your Very Own Lip Gloss

You will be amazed by how many simple, homemade lip gloss recipes there are out there. If you have beeswax, you can use that directly on your lips. Otherwise, you can try this easy concoction:

  • 2 Tablespoons of solid shortening
  • 1 Tablespoon of a flavored powdered drink mix (such as Koolaid)
  • 35mm film container (or any other small jar)

Add the shortening and powdered drink mix together in a bowl that can go into the microwave. Place the bowl in the microwave and zap it on “high” for 30 seconds, or until the mix is completely liquefied. Pour it into a small container, allow it to refrigerate for up to half an hour, and you have yourself a moisturizing – and delicious! – homemade lip gloss.

The All-Natural Blush

For anyone who has sensitive skin, this may very well become your favorite new blush. All you need is:

  • ¼ cup of beet powder
  • ¼ cup of chopped strawberries
  • ½ teaspoon of olive oil

Grab a blender and mix the three above ingredients together. Simply pour it into a small container, and voila! You have a wonderful cream-blush that is long lasting and is only a fraction of the cost of the market-brand blushes.

The Wrinkle-Remover

Believe it or not, but one of the best ways to get rid of wrinkles naturally is to use seedless grapes! Slice a grape in half and then ever-so-gently crush it onto your face and your neck. Take particular care to get around the corners of your eyes (the “crows feet”) and around your mouth. Once 20 minutes have passed, rinse with luke-warm water and pat dry.
Try using this treatment every day, and follow it up with 8 glasses of water and 8 hours of sleep each night. Before you know it, those wrinkles will not only be reduced, but they may very well disappear.