How To Look Sexy Without Looking Scandalous

How To Look Sexy Without Looking Scandalous

How To Look Sexy Without Looking Scandalous

Every woman wants to look sexy but sometimes finding the right balance between sexy and scandalous can be a hard task. Sexy women in music videos, for example, are most of the time wearing close to nothing, and they DO look sexy on television, but you cannot dress like that in real life. In this article we will discuss how to look sexy without looking scandalous, and give tips on how to find the right balance.

How You Feel

First of all, being sexy is about how you feel. Sexy women emanate a certain aura that shows they are in control of themselves. Self-confidence is the key to being sexy, so start off by accepting yourself with all your flaws and assets. Learning how to be confident is the first step towards being sexy.

Clothes Maketh The Woman

When it comes to clothes, looking sexy is not about how LITTLE clothes you wear, it’s about the type of clothes you choose. For a woman to look truly sexy she must wear clothes that make the most of her assets. For example, a woman who has an hourglass figure should wear belts around the waist to show off her slim waist while accentuating her curves. This will make her look much more sexy than if she wore a tiny dress revealing too much.

Tight jeans are a must-have as they look sexy on everyone. They can also be worn any time of the day and for any occasion!

The key to choosing sexy clothes is to make sure they leave a little mystery. Putting it all out there doesn’t look sexy but cheap. A great piece of advice on how to look sexy but not scandalous is to show off just one sexy body part when you go out.

Instead of exposing legs, cleavage and back at the same time, for example, wear something that exposes just one body part and you will look both classy and sexy.
A dress with a low cut back is very sexy for example, so make sure to choose one that exposes JUST your back, and is not too short or too low-cut on the front.

Decent Exposure

A woman’s legs are among her sexiest body parts and men admit that skirts which go just over the knee are extremely sexy. Wearing short skirts paired up with more conservative tops is just the right amount of ‘hot’.

Exposing just the right amount of cleavage can be super-sexy, but again make sure you do not expose too much of other body parts. When showing off your cleavage keep in mind that the bigger bust you have the less you should expose.

Finally, remember that this rule also applies to makeup and jewelry. Wearing too much of either makes you look cheap and is not sexy at all. Show off your natural beauty; use makeup and jewelry to make the most of what you have and do not hide your beauty under layers of mascara and blush, or too much bling. Natural looks are always sexy, while exaggerated looks are often much harder to pull off consistently.

Less Miley; More Kate Middleton

Miley Cyrus – Scandalous

Kate Middleton – Classy Lady

So here you go, by following these tips you can be sure to look always sexy in a decent way, without being overtly scandalous. Also keep in mind that taking care of your body is of extreme importance when it comes to looking good, so make sure to eat healthy and drink lots of water.