How To Correct 8 Common Beauty Mistakes

How To Correct 8 Common Beauty Mistakes

How To Correct 8 Common Beauty Mistakes

Flaunt yourself and look great when you avoid these easy to make beauty mistakes.

1. Using Conditioner From The Roots To The Tips

The majority of people will apply conditioner to the whole head as they would their shampoo: starting from the roots and working their way through to the tips.
However, the hair that is at the roots is new and free from damage; it is the tips of your hair that you need to concentrate on where dryness and damage are regularly found. Apart from saving on conditioner, if you apply conditioner to just the tips, you will save the roots from looking lank and greasy.

A better way: Use conditioner sparingly, starting at the ears and working your way to the tips. This way you hair will be less greasy and will have more volume too.

2. Applying Foundation Without Giving Enough Time For Your Moisturizer To Dry

When you apply moisturizer to the skin, you need to give it ample time to soak in before you go on to apply a foundation. Applying your foundation too soon can lead to blotchiness, limited coverage and a generally thin appearance.

A better way: Wait just one minute after applying your moisturizer before you go ahead and apply your foundation. If you are in a hurry, simply blot away excess moisture with a tissue.

3. Plucking Eyebrows Close Up To The Mirror

When you are too close to the mirror, you will be concentrating on the individual hairs you are plucking and not on the shape of your brow. This can result in uneven or over plucked brows.

A better way: Take the advice of Ramy Gafni, owner of the Ramy Spa in NYC and find a large mirror that is near to a window or door, and look at your face and then step back.
You need to ensure that your brows fit correctly on your face and that they are in proportion too. Move close up to the mirror and begin plucking, stepping back after every two or three hairs to ensure you are keeping the symmetry and position of your brows perfect.

4. Forgetting About Your Neck

When you are carrying out your beauty treatment on your face, don’t simply stop at your chin. Your neck is a very sensitive area too and one that can be prone to wrinkles and changes in pigment and texture too.

A better way: When you are applying a sun cream to your face, ensure that you do not just carry on to your neck, but that you cover your chest too. (Also ensure that you do not miss the back of your hands.)
Take the advice of Ole Henriksen of the Ole Henriken Body/Spa in Hollywood, and forget about separate creams for the neck. Your general moisturizer for your face will work on your neck and you can forget specially marketed products for your neck. However, when using products that contain alpha hydroxyl acid or retinol, ensure that you carry out a spot check first.

5. Spraying On Perfume After You Are Dressed

Perfume can damage fabric, causing it to stain and smell unpleasant. The fragrance in your perfume is designed for skin contact, where it will interact with the heat of the body.

A better way: Apply your perfume to your “pulse points” before you get dressed, but avoid rubbing your wrists together as this action will break down the molecular structure of your favorite scent.

6. Trying To Reduce Puffiness Around The Eyes With Moisturizer

Fluid retention around the eyes can be due to many things, one common one being a diet that is high in salt. Stop using eye creams! Take the advice of Heidi Waldorf, director or cosmetic and laser dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical center in NYC; creams can hold in even more moisture and make your eyes look even puffier than when you started.

A better way: When you eyes look puffy but are not itchy or irritated in any way, use ice or a cold compress for around 15 minutes. Waldorf also suggests an eye gel that contains caffeine. If you can detect signs of irritation, always seek the advice of a dermatologist.

7. Staying Under The Shower Or In The Tub Until You Are Squeaky Clean

When you stay under the shower for too long, or scrub too much, you will be stripping your body of its natural oils and the moisture that protects your hair and skin.

A better way: Look at what products you have for shower time. Loretta Ciraldo, a Miami dermatologist recommends using lukewarm water, limiting showers to ten minutes, and stopping the use of medicated shampoos or loofahs that can damage and dry your skin and hair.

8. Putting Too Much Cream On Blemishes

When you have a breakout, it is a natural reaction to blast it with spot cream at least once if not twice. Follow the advice of Ciraldo who states that too much spot cream will leave your skin feeling dry and irritated due to acids in the cream that penetrate the skin.

A better way: Avoid drying out your skin by following the instructions on your spot cream and limit your doses to twice a day.