How To Apply Foundation The RIGHT Way

How To Apply Foundation The RIGHT Way

How To Apply Foundation The RIGHT Way

You may think that applying foundation is a easy enough task, but after seeing numerous women wearing foundation shades that are no where close to the right color, or you can see the application lines around the forehead and the jaw line, it’s clear that a lot of women don’t know how to apply foundation properly. This is to no fault of the ladies, most of us have no real idea of how to apply makeup properly and simply guess our way through the process. If you want to know how to apply foundation so that you are left with a fresh, natural look, read below:

Choosing the Color

The color is important, as it will determine your entire look. When you go to the department store or the drug store, start by zeroing in on some foundations that you think look a lot like your skin color. Locate the tester shades, and the apply these to your jaw line (this will most accurately show you if the color will blend in with your natural skin tone or not). Now make sure that you view the color in daylight and not under the lights of the store. If it appears well blended, then you know you have your right shade.

Preparing the Skin

Start the process by cleansing your face and your hands. Prior to applying the foundation, you will need to prepare your face a bit first. Apply your moisturizer, sunscreen, and/or a makeup primer that is appropriate for your skin type. Having well hydrated skin is key in having your foundation be applied flawlessly. Allow for the product to set onto your skin (brush your teeth or your hair while you wait).
Take a tissue and wipe off any excess foundation. Take a concealing product and apply it to your darker under eyes, if you have under eye circles. Make sure you pat the concealer onto your skin rather than “rub” it in.

Applying the Foundation

You can either apply the foundation with your fingertips, or you can choose to use a makeup sponge. Apply dots of foundation to where you want coverage, such as your forehead, chin, nose, and cheeks. Take the sponge or our finger tips and then bled the dots all together. You will want to pay particular attention to the blending on your hairline or jaw line so as to avoid any noticeable “lines”.

The Finishing Touch

To polish off your look, set the foundation with a loose, translucent powder. If you used a foundation brush or a sponge to apply the foundation, make sure that you wash it out every time after use so as to prevent the growth of bacteria. You can use your own facial cleanser to help clean out the sponge (if it works for your face, it should work for your sponge!).

TIP: Not all women need the coverage that foundation offers. If you only want to even out your skin tone a bit, then look into using a tinted moisturizing product. This will offer natural coverage and it will help improve the quality of your skin.