Getting Ready For Your Work’s Christmas Night Out – The Prep Guide

Getting Ready For Your Work’s Christmas Night Out – The Prep Guide

Getting Ready For Your Work’s Christmas Night Out – The Prep Guide

Yes, I know it’s only October, but many workplaces have their Christmas night out in November or early December, so you’re going to need to start planning now. It’s not just a matter of throwing on any old dress, putting your hair up and walking out the door when it comes to Christmas parties, no, it’s a much more sacred ritual than that!
Getting ready for the party season is all about scrubbing, buffing, bathing and exfoliating until your skin glows, your hair shines and your outfit looks immaculate. Here are some great tips that will help you plan ahead of time.

Fake It

Hair extensions and fake tan are a true wonder combination – they can take you from drab to fab in no time at all, and they’re so easy to use too! Just by learning a few simple tricks you can have glamorous hair that’s full of volume, and a perfect sun kissed complexion that rivals the A-list celebs.
Use clip in hair extensions and section your hair into several layers. Backcomb each section gently at the root, and then apply a little spritz of hairspray. Clip in the extensions here, right next to the root and you’ll have extensions with staying power that won’t be visible to even the most vigilant passer-by.
If you’re a first time user of self-tan, then you might be a little nervous about using it, but don’t worry, it couldn’t be simpler to get an even glow – just have a long shower, exfoliate your skin and shave so the tan had a smooth and even base to be applied to, then use a tanning mitt to apply the tan thoroughly in circular motions (this prevents streaks!).
Leave the tan on as the directions say, then wash off, whilst being careful not to stain your hands. Use a pumice stone to buff away any tan stains between our fingers or on your knees. The self-tan from Lauren’s Way is one of our favourites for a lovely tone and perfect glow.

Save Time

One of the best ways of saving time is to find ways of implementing overnight beauty. Curl your clip-in extensions and your own hair separately into rollers and leave them in overnight. This is a super easy process, but it can be a bit fiddly at first, so get practicing! The night before you go out, curl your hair with a heated wand. When you release the curl from the wand, wrap it back up and use a bobby pin to secure it to your head. As soon as they’re cool, just brush them into your desired style.

Get the Professionals in

There’s no harm in asking for help. A couple of days before your big night, book in with a manicurist at your local department store, and get your nails done professionally. They should be still perfect when you go out, and you won’t have to worry about not ruining wet nails when getting ready on the day of your party anymore. It’s a real timesaver!
And finally, just remember to pack beauty touch-up kit in your going-out bag too – nights out have a habit of ruining perfect hair and make-up.