Become a Princess: How To Marry Into Royalty

Become a Princess: How To Marry Into Royalty

Become a Princess: How To Marry Into Royalty


One assumes that one must be a princess to enter a royal family, but history has proven this to be a myth, as the hearts of more than a few Crown Heads have been turned by a common face. From Henry VIII to King Edward, to the King of Monoco, to Prince Charles, men in royal families have turned to common love for companionship, and believed in fate and miracles. But perhaps, it wasn’t so.
To put it simply, when men get lonely, they easily drop false standards, and candidates vying for titles can then be victorious.
How does a woman capture a Royal Heart?

To Be a Princess

Every little girl is born a princess, but not every little girl holds the title all her life. To arrive at her full measure of Princess-ness a girl must keep the princess in her heart, and all her life walk tall in her self-confidence. Royal hearts are drawn to a woman who keeps about her an air of royalty. A royal spirit captures attention.

Every female but not just any girl can exude this royal spirit. From the homeless tramp to the well-guarded Queen of England, every girl slips into her panties one leg at a time. (It’s certainly not proper in the highest circles to undergird oneself any other way, of course)
Please try not to imagine this, but when two women stand naked together there is not a rat’s fanny difference between commoner or royalty. The difference comes in how they dress themselves, from the inside out. And this can make the imposter real, and the real seem like a fake, according to how they stand.

Royal beauty is recognized in the straightness of the spine, demonstrated in the aristocratic lift of the chin, how the twinkling of the eye captures and devours, and reveals education and breeding through the breath of fine dissertation. These can be learned, and often are.

The homeless wench can sometimes look as aristocratic as the Duchess of York, if she knows now to play her cards at the right moment. In the “Game of Court and Be Courted” the wench becomes the princess, and the princess can become the wench.
We see this in the story of Cinderella, where a princess is raised as a servant, but when the time is right she is able to pay her royalty card and secure the passion of a prince. Do you dare think it was a random miracle, or maybe the magic in the night and Cindy’s victory was staged? Hmmm?

But really, capturing the royal heart is a matter acting; playing the part, and capturing the crown with charm and guile.
What prince do you want to capture, sweet young princess? If he is daring, you must be more so. If he is lustful, you must be passionate with discipline. If he is lonely, you must be a friend.
This will reveal the princess in you, no matter how you slipped on your panties this morning.