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What does 'restricted' or 'suspended' status mean? Full restrictions will vary but FTP/Control Panel access may not be possible for the hosting user and visitors to their website may see a top frame or full page notice on arrival. Website files may have been archived or deleted in cases of compromised accounts. Accounts with 'restricted' or 'suspended' status may be scheduled for deletion from our systems, without further notice, should corrective action not be taken or if it is deemed that the account has been abandoned.

Why is an account restricted or suspended? Access to this account may have been restricted or suspended for one of a large number of reasons which are all non-prejudicial to the account holder. Upgrade or migration in progress, old DNS entries, exceeding an account's data transfer allowance, invoice awaiting payment, unauthorised use, hacker attempts and insecure scripts can all result in an account's temporary suspension. To reactivate a suspended hosting account, please contact your client manager or our support team who will be able to advise you of the problem and the necessary corrective action.

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